Mobility and Transportation Options

We have listed transportation options for you in these categories:

  1. Public & Fixed Route Transportation
  2. County Based Senior Transportation
  3. Specialized Transportation
  4. Other Transportation Options

    1. Public & Fixed Route Transportation Services

    Public transit
    Public transportation in the form of buses, para-transit, and rail trains are available to all riders in its service area and runs on regular schedules and routes.
    Demand Response Transportation
    Curb-to-curb shuttle service is provided by some Counties. This can require a reservation or might only occur on a locally fixed route.

    2. Specialized Transportation Services

    These transportation services are for Individuals enrolled in senior service programs or may be for individual agency programs only. Most programs require pre-qualification before riding and services may be limited.
      • Transportation to Senior Centers and Food Nutrition Programs. 
      • Demand Response to Medical Appointments, Shopping, Senior Center. 
      • Group trips, including shopping, recreational, and  special event trips, for seniors attending a County’s neighborhood senior center.
      • Transportation services to Adult Day Care

    Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
    Eligible Medicaid recipients are able to access services for non-emergency medical transportation for qualified medical appointments and needs.

    3. Other Transportation Services

    Transportation Vouchers
    Vouchers empower older adults and persons with disabilities to schedule rides without being limited to set hours and routes typical of demand response and paratransit. In addition, many programs allow the rider to choose their driver who can provide personalized arm-through-arm assistance, door- through-door services. Eligibility screening is required. Voucher programs include:
    Volunteer Driver Programs


    Volunteer driver programs provide older adults and persons with disabilities door through door driver service provided by volunteers to help people make important trips, such as medical appointments, to support an independent lifestyle.
      • ICARE serving DeKalb County

    Questions to Ask: 

    What transportation choices are available? 

    What are the costs? 

    How is payment handled? 

    Is fare assistance available? 

    Are there age or income requirements? Is there an application? 

    What is the service area? 

    How far in advance do I need to schedule a ride? 

    Is there evening and weekend service? 

    Are there restrictions on the purpose of the ride? 

    Can a companion travel too? 

    Is it a shared ride? If so, how long can I expect to be in the vehicle? 

    What is the pick-up window timeframe? 

    Are there any additional costs, such as going over a certain number of miles, waiting while I shop, or assisting with bags?

    Travel Training

    Travel training programs provide older adults and persons with disabilities the information, safety guidelines and confidence they need to access transit and transportation options in the region.

    Mobility Orientation


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