MFP (Money Follows the Person)

What is Money Follows the Person?

Money Follows the Person

If you have lived in a nursing facility or an intermediate care facility for 3 months (with some exceptions) and would rather live in your own home, apartment or group setting, you may be eligible for home and community-based services (HCBS) through Georgia’s Medicaid programs.

Money Follows the Person (MFP) assists you to resettle in the community with home and community-based services. MFP is a new grant offered through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH).

What are the goals of MFP?

    1. To increase the use of home and community-based, rather than institutional, long-term care services;
    2. To eliminate barriers in state law, state Medicaid Plan and state budgets that prevent or restrict the flexible use of Medicaid funds to enable Medicaid-eligible persons to receive support for long-term services in setting of their choice;
    3. To increase the ability of the State to continue to provide home and community-based services to eligible people who choose to transition from an institution to a community setting.

Who will help me relocate?

If you want to move into your own place (home, apartment or group setting), you can take advantage of MFP and HCBS. Through MFP, you will learn the skills you need and get the information and help you need to move to the community.

What is Person-Centered Planning?

click to open the Money Follows the Person Participant Transition Planning GuideTransition plans work best when you fully participate in planning your own life. With person-centered planning, you will be asked to talk about your goals, needs, resources, personal experience and motivation to relocate.

You will also ask other people in your life to be part of your transition. Everyone depends on others at times. Through the MFP project, you will learn who these important people are and you will build more relationships with new people who share qualities that are important to you.

What are Home Modifications?

You may need assistance to live independently in your own home. This could be in the form of grab bars, knee space under sinks, lower closet shelves, ramps, widened doorways, switch-activated door openers and locks, or non-slip floors. Money Follows the Person includes financial help for eligible older adults and persons with disabilities to make these changes to existing structures.

What is Self-Direction?

Self-direction is a philosophy and orientation to the delivery of home and community-based services whereby informed consumers make choices about the services they receive. They can assess their own needs, determine how and by whom these needs should be met and monitor the quality of services received. 

What MFP services are available?

• Peer Community Support
• Trial Visits to the Community
• Household Furnishings
• Household Goods and    Supplies
• Moving Expenses
• Utility Deposits
• Security Rent Deposits
• Transition Supports
• Transportation
• Skilled Out-of-Home Respite
• Caregivers Training
• Ombudsman Visits
• Equipment and Supplies
• Vehicle Adaptations
• Environmental Modifications

Who do I contact?

If you are interested and want more information on Money Follows the Person, you can contact:

The Georgia Department of Community Health, Money Follows the Person project at 404-657-9323 or 404-651-6889

The Department of Human Services, Aging and Disability Resources Connection at 866-55-AGING (866-552-4464)

The Office of the Long Term Care Ombudsman at 888-454-5826 

Money Follows the Person Brochure

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