Non-Subsidized Housing

Non-subsidized retirement communities specifically developed for independent older adults are available throughout the Atlanta Region. For the most part, other than meals and housekeeping, no other support services are offered and these communities are for independent adults whose physical and cognitive health allows them to continue living on their own, with no or very limited assistance.

Depending on the type of community, the minimum age for residence is either 55 or 62. Options include rental apartments, townhomes, villas, cottages and suites and for purchase condominiums. Many of the communities offer a wide variety of amenities and services including a meal plan, housekeeping and laundry service, leisure and recreation activities, fitness centers, gardens, walking trails, swimming pool, concierge, 24 hour security, media room and more.

Monthly cost is as varied as the communities and may range from several hundred to upwards of several thousand dollars depending on services and amenities. Condominium costs depend on the size of the unit and amenities and can range from $30,000 to several hundred thousand dollars to purchase in addition to monthly fees.


To help older adults and caregivers find services, ARC has developed an extensive database of aging services providers in the Atlanta region. 

Those looking for services can call AgeWise Connection at 404.463.3333 to speak to a certified information and referral specialist or search the database online.

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