RSVP Speakers Bureau

The Aging in Place Speakers Bureau provides informative presentations on topics of interest to older adults in the region. The topics are tailored to support lifelong communities, civic engagement and independent living. The speakers are a dynamic group of well-informed volunteers from all disciplines who offer their expertise and time free of charge. Topics in the Aging in Place Speakers Bureau cover areas that include available resources, Medicare, benefits and health concerns. The main focus of each presentation is to communicate information that the audience needs to make informed decisions to improve and sustain the quality of their lives. 


  • Access to Services - Learn how, when and where to contact federal, state and local programs and about services and resources including discounts and savings programs.
  • CATCH-UP to Fitness - A one-hour nutrition, education and fitness class based on the award-winning Oasis CATCH Healthy Habits program. Class include a nutrition discussion and 30 minutes of physical activity.
  • Diabetes-You’re In Charge! - Understand what diabetes is: risk factors, types, signs and symptoms; long-term health effects; and prevention and management tools to help you get in control of your health.
  • Healthy Sexuality as We Age - Discusses the various types of STIs; how to identify the signs and symptoms; prevention and treatment; risky sexual behaviors; safe sex; and the knowledge and skills needed to make informed health decisions.
  • MoneySMART - Plan ahead for financial wellbeing; learn to identify and prevent financial exploitation including identity theft, scams, and homeowner mortgage schemes.
  • Preventive Services = Better Health - Improve the quality of your health and reduce the incidence of chronic disease by becoming familiar with needed immunizations, screenings and services, what Medicare covers in relation to them, and other free/low cost services available.
  • Managing Hearing Loss - Learn how to determine if you have hearing loss, what to do about it and where to go for help. Experts also talk about the latest technology in hearing loss.
  • Managing Your Medications - Do you know where to go for help and what questions should you ask about your medicines? Take charge of managing your medications and discover ways to lower prescriptions cost.
  • Personal Health Records - Learn about advanced directives, preparing for a hospital stay and discharge, keeping a Personal Health Record, and more.
  • Simply Get There - This workshop will demonstrate how to use Simply Get There, a new, web-based trip planning tool that helps anyone in the metro Atlanta area compare travel options and costs, especially those that may need specialized transportation services.


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